April 2018 - Newsletter

To my valued clients: 

I have enjoyed exploring the World of BC Wine with you with my beginnings in the trailer in October 2010 to my second location at Sardis Park, to my newest location at Garrison Corner… 

I am now excited to continue on the journey through the Wines of British Columbia to bring you the finest wines that we produce right here in our hometown with CLUB SPW! 

On my journey with the realization I had really no choice but to close my store… I had a very difficult time transitioning into where I would land next. This journey meant many sleepless nights, devastating my clients, who are my friends, my colleagues, staff and wineries. 

Once I went through the difficulty of packing up and closing my store… I didn’t really have a clear direction. 

It helped me to get away at the end of March… 

I went to Napa Valley to see and taste some of the great iconic wineries there. 

We started at Schramsberg, which is one of the most famous and old “Methode Champenoise” (Champagne Method) houses in Napa. We had an amazing tour of their caves which houses vintage upon vintage of their Champagne style wines. One interesting fact is they do vintage all of their bubbly, which is not usually true to French Champagne… 

In Champagne, France (Reims) they don’t usually want to vintage their Champagne because they want to produce the same high quality year after year so they will blend vintages to create that same experience…doesn’t matter the vintage. 

If you ever get to Napa, I would highly recommend this tour and tasting. We were lucky as we were able to taste their different bubblies right there in the caves. 

Next stop was Caymus Vineyards. One of the most coveted Cabernet houses in Napa. 

Here were we able to taste through their lineup of big reds at a sit down tasting and I ended up bringing my favorite home which surprisingly wasn’t their Cabernet Sauvignon, it was their Zinfandel. 

After an amazing lunch at Auberge du Soleil, we then went to the Number 1 Winery that Robert Mondavi created in Napa…OPUS One. 

They only seek to produce the finest Bordeaux style wine in Napa so on your visit to this breathtaking winery, there is only one wine to taste which is an experience in itself. 

After a relaxing next day in the California sunshine, we decided to take a drive up into the mountains. I really should say hills not mountains…this was a devastating drive. 

We couldn’t imagine what was ahead…hills and hills of burnt ground, burnt trees and burnt vines. The fires last October had decimated the hills of Napa Valley. So sad. 

The next day, I decided maybe we should go to lunch at Signorello Winery. This winery I had visited last time I was in Napa which was a good 5 plus years ago and is actually owned by a Canadian. 

We drove up to these beautiful big wrought iron gates and looked up to where the winery had once stood. The driveway lined up to the winery had nothing but burnt vines on either side – completely black with soot. The winery itself was flattened. Gone. The winery to the left stood perfect. Not touched at all. It was eery. 

Napa Valley has lost over 60% of their tourists. It will take years to build this valley back up. 

This made me realize how lucky we are to have so many amazing wines right here in our backyard. 

It also make me understand how majestic and beautiful our wine region is. When we got back after a few days I went to my wine cellar and I pulled out two bottles…the Caymus Zinfandel and a new winery I haven’t tried yet – a BC Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend called 1st Row Winery. 

The 1st Row is about $25 per bottle with the Caymus being $50 USD per bottle. The Caymus was delicious…smooth, rich with a hint of spice… 

The 1st Row…spectacular! Big bold juicy…I was absolutely blown away. That wine is going in June’s CLUB SPW for sure! 

While I was away, I also made some decisions. CLUB SPW wasn’t working at Tractor Grease. It was too far to go, they are only open certain days, and the container didn’t work… especially with summer coming. 

I decide to look at leasing a space where we could hold CLUB SPW events and make it easy for pickup and drop off. 

When I looked at the options of leasing, there weren’t many. I then thought… why lease? Maybe I should buy something. 

I found a perfect spot. It is a cute spot with a patio overlooking Mt Cheam where not only could I host my events – I could even serve wine and beer by the glass! 

I can’t let all the news out because I still have to get through lots of red tape but I do hope I'm able to announce it once subjects are removed May 8th! So look for that! 

In the meantime, I still needed somewhere for CLUB SPW ... I found it when I went to see my accountant in his new office! 

I am excited to be downtown in the Downtown Business Center at 9240 Young Road! We have a beautiful, bright office right in the front of the building, ground floor and it’s open daily 9:30 – 5:30pm! 

I am planning a POP UP tasting there very soon…so watch for it in my next newsletter! 

So… I am now super excited for the future! 

I want to apologize to all of you for this transition, it has been difficult on every level ...

But I will say I am looking forward to seeing you all at our new location which we plan to open July 1st and prior to that, please stop by the Downtown Business Center and have a glass of wine with me!

We will be officially open this Monday, April 30th. 


Kim Murphy 

“My passion is BC Wine…what’s yours”


Kim Murphy