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A Special Note to CLUB SPW and my clients…

After all the significant changes that have taken place over the past two months, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain my side of the story, what happened to Sardis Park Wines, and the transition with CLUB SPW and the challenges that have taken place.

It all began in May of 2017 when I was approached by my landlord of the possibility of moving my location from my beautiful location to the neighboring Starbucks location.
The reason for this change was because traffic was spilling onto Municipal streets which was not appropriate for the people who lived further down the street as they couldn’t access their homes.

I indicated that I didn’t want to move my location, it was perfect where it was and I was happy with the entire layout.
To make a long story short, we were supposed to hear from Starbucks by August 7th, 2017 whether or not they were to take over my location.

August 7th came and went, without hearing anything.

I jokingly said, wait….
I bet I’m going to leave for Denmark (my daughter was dancing Hip Hop for Team Canada Worlds) in Mid October and when I get back, Starbucks will decide while I’m away and I will have 2 months to move.

Well, that is exactly what happened.
I arrived back from Denmark on October 30th, and two days later got the call from my landlord that Starbucks was taking over my location, starting construction Jan 2nd 2018 and I had to move.

This move is not easy. I would have to apply for LCLB (liquor board) approval and BCWI approval to move my location not once but twice as the proposal had me moving out of my current location into the Barber Shop location for 5-6 months while they built out my location for Starbucks, who would only be down for one week of business while I tried to operate out of the Barber Shop until Starbucks moved into my location, then I could then proceed with moving into that location.

This move meant I would not be able to host any events until the 2nd move into Starbucks, loss of space and loss of business. After spending all the money building out my location and the thought of moving into a small space in the interim, along with having to spend money on the new location with the patio and not being able to host events, along with the new proposed lease rate of the Starbucks location, it didn’t make business or financial sense.

This took me many sleepless nights and huge decisions because first off, I have employees that work for me, CLUB SPW members and clients that I would never want to disappoint.

At the end of the day, I had to look at my family, the business side of things and I decided to walk away.
OWFG has been purchasing our licenses for 3 years now and I never wanted to be the one who sold but I hope you all understand that I really didn’t have a choice. It happened quick…in one month.

I then had the monumentus task of selling down wine, packing everything up, and physically moving the store.
This took the months of February and March to get done.

Next I had arranged a local liquor retailer to run my CLUB SPW through their license. This fell through so I was left figuring out a new way.
Jeff, Proprietor of Swirl Wine Store and I have worked together for the past 9 years together therefore it was a perfect fit.
This has taken 2 months to figure out with transition, etc but we finally have it figured out. Our CLUB SPW members now have 4 qualified sommeliers to choose their wines for them each month.

Next up:
The idea was to move everything to the Tractor Grease Cafe and run CLUB SPW through this location. I found this wasn’t working as it was a bit too far out and the hours didn’t work.

I decided to look for a location for CLUB SPW.
I looked at a variety of lease spaces available for CLUB but then thought…why wouldn’t I look at purchasing a location?

Just one week ago, I found a perfect location for future events, CLUB SPW and possibly uncover an Urban Winery idea.

I have an accepted offer on this property!
It has a cute patio overlooking Mt Cheam and is the perfect spot! Subjects get removed May 8th (fingers crossed):) Expected date to open: July 1st 2018!
In the meantime, I decided I needed a location for CLUB SPW which had an easier location to access with better hours.

I have rented a space in the Chilliwack Business Center! It’s a great big office right on Young Street and we have been painting and setting it up to serve you!

Hours are Monday thru Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm and the address is 9240 Vedder Road.

We are officially opening on Monday, April 23rd and CLUB SPW will have access to drop your boxes off and pick them up starting Monday.

I have to say, it has been a bit of a whirlwind and long road and I am very sad to see my beautiful location go, but in the end I am actually getting to do the part of my business that I loved the most…
picking out the most delicious wines and putting them together for my CLUB SPW…being able to serve wine by the glass in our new upcoming location, and being able to host great events in our upcoming new locations.

Cheers and I look so forward to an exciting future with you all!

Kim Murphy

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Note: We will honour all gift cards and tasting certificates: visit our website to find out how!

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